Chris Sanderson | User experience designer

Seventeen years experience as a UX/UI designer and one fascinating journey, learning the intricacies of a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Complex project and user requirements are my speciality.

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Who I work with

Based in the Cotswolds, I've worked as a freelancer and with various digital agencies, including Dootrix, Headscape and Digital Elite.

I now work as a user experience designer at Ripjar.

Designing for humans

I design apps and websites, crafting fulfilling and rewarding experiences for companies big and small (here's who I've worked with). I develop brands, product concepts, prototypes and help train aspiring design minds. I run user testing sessions, stakeholder interviews and experience workshops. I work within project teams to provide clarity and direction to the product and vision. All driven by a passion to problem solve and simplify for the end user humans.

Chris Sanderson